Simple Drop Down Line

The most recognised method of progress reporting is what’s commonly called a ‘drop line’.  This is a line drawn down the programme on a chosen report date indicating tasks that either are ahead or behind schedule.  Tasks that are late will force the line to turn left while those that are ahead will force the line to turn right. The less of a ‘zig zag’ line there is the more on time the project is. An example is shown below.

This type of reporting is easy to produce.  However, it fails to illustrate how behind or ahead the project actually is and what is causing the delay.  I find this type of reporting a little too basic, yet it does provide a quick summary of project status.  However, a quick tour of the site would do the same.  Also, it fails to keep a history of tasks that were once in delay and are now having a knock on effect on following tasks.

Simple drop down reporting