Asta Powerproject

Asta development is a project management company with its head quarters in the United Kingdom. Asta develops a variety of software solutions for resource, project and portfolio development and boasting a wide network of technology experts globally who work on different projects.  Asta’s major project though is the Aster Powerproject; a leading software solution used successfully throughout the whole world on construction programs of all sizes and by almost all industry sectors. The project management software is suitable for use by anyone working with any project with deliverables. The software is simple, powerful and helps deliver projects consistently in a timely manner and equally within budget.  Asta Powerproject is quite easy to learn and first time users get to understand the features quickly and are able to produce professional looking plans in a few minutes. More experienced project managers find the software even more useful as they can perform sophisticated construction programs planning functions such as logic linking and analysis. Otherwise time consuming tasks such as linking and critical path analysis are done at the click of a mouse.  Creating a first project plan with Asta Power project is quite easy, there are a range of features designed to get you going in a very short time. One key feature is that you can start planning from the go -construction specific templates are all ready so that all you have to do once you have mastered the required steps is to start your work. Again, you can draw tasks directly onto the chart – it works the same way one does yet you get quick answers to any queries using the context-sensitive help. As well, fixing mistakes is flawless.  Asta Powerproject also offers a great presentation capability with a lot of customized utilities available. It has a comprehensive scheduling mechanism where tasks can be planned into hourly daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc units. The order of flow of activities is shown by drawing links from one task to another on the bar chart. Apart from scheduling progress reports are easily created from the inbuilt report generator in form of bar charts, labor histograms and cash reports on a planned versus actual basis. The reports can be output in different formats including PDFs, Microsoft Project format and HTML or exported to supporting systems such as Microsoft excel.  Resource management including that of staff, plant, material and labor is also highly prioritized in Asta Powerproject. Tasks are assigned by easy drag and drop functions and each resource can be assigned on its own depending on factors such as availability, costs and work rate. This makes generation of ‘who is doing what’ reports which is also accomplished by the software easy. Cost management is also easy and can be done to match the company’s internal accounts codes.  Monitoring the progress of a project is quite simplified; the progress is monitored against tasks via the internet making it quite effective. Portfolio management and sharing of project plans is also greatly simplified by Asta Powerproject .  Click here to be taken to Asta’s home page